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 Coreys law



Corey's law states that all delivery employers shall provide delivery employees with some type of but not limited  to any specific type of  equipment and/or devices that would allow them immediate contact with their store or  local police in case of any dangerous situations they encounter while on the job. Delivery employees could have  tracking devices in their vehicle, or a noise alarm for their delivery vehicle, and the right to decline a delivery assignment due to concern for their own safety. Employers should not allow a driver to make a delivery without a cell phone or some type of two way radio.
              and not the law  


    Delivery employees may decline the installation of any devices required but it must be in writing and the delivery employer must retain copies.  Absence of a written declination shall be conclusive proof that the delivery employee wanted the protection of the devices offered. 


      Delivery employers, or their representatives, shall meet a minimum of twice a year with local police officials to determine if any areas of the locality they serve are high crime areas that present potential risks to their delivery employees and shall communicate that information to their delivery employees in a timely manner. 


      The first violation of this law shall be punishable by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars and no more than five thousand dollars.  For each successive violation by the same delivery employer, the minimum and maximum penalties shall be double those of the previous violation. 


      This section shall be known as Corey’s Law in memory of Corey Lind, who was murdered while fulfilling his duties as a delivery employee. 


 Not only is it your chance to help support the law it is  also  your chance to help make the law.




      Thank you for visiting Corey's Law web site. This web site will be ran and managed by the family of Corey Lind, and hopefully supported by the world in our mission to make a difference. The entire family would like to thank each and every person who helped and supported us in our time of need . A special thanks goes out to all the people in law enforcement and the District Attorney's office for thier past, present, and future work in regards to Coreys case. 


      Please feel free to  stop by the guest book page  and sign in it is also going to be a way for us to let people know what is going on with the progress of corey's law as things get going.


 Thank you;

             From the family of Corey Lind


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