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Wrist bands ~ $3.00 each
Hello everyone,
      These are the wristbands that we had made up. We are hoping to see them all around the country or even the world. If you would like to purchase the bands they are being sold for $3.00 each.To place an order, send a check or money order for the amount of bands that you would like to:
Michael Lind
PO. Box 513
Ludlow Mass.01056.
      Any  and all funds that are raised goes to help suport the fight in getting the law passed.
      The bands have the website imprinted on them to let people know where to go and to stay updated on how the law is progressing. Our mission is to help spread the word and make the world a better place to live and work in happiness, not fear.
          From the family and friends of Corey, we thank everyone that is helping with coreyslaw. 
      Thank you and stay safe.